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Training Courses

Paradigm Training Services is the oldest and, yet, fastest growing division of Paradigm Campbell Associates (PCA). Headed by PCA's Principal, Neil H Campbell, we have been delivering high-quality, innovative and professional training courses and workshops for over a decade now. The demand for our services takes us all across the North-East and beyond, tailoring our products to meet the needs of individual organisations in ALL sectors of today's workplace - NHS, Local Government, Higher Education, Care, Voluntary & Charitable, Public and Private.

Our Training Ethos

We are incredibly passionate about all aspects of our training work - creation, design, delivery and accreditation! We always strive to achieve the highest possible standards for our clients. Our training ethos, therefore, is based on three Core Beliefs:-

  1. that our Training will always be delivered within a simple, yet effective approach; and it will be jargon-free! Life and today's workplace is already overly complex and demanding without us adding to this.
  2. that our Training will always be enjoyable and, at times, fun for participants! Even the most serious of subjects requires an occasional light touch. We have found over the years that participants are much more likely to remember the core messages if they have enjoyed the training experience and had a little fun along the way.
  3. that our Training will enrich participants' knowledge and emotional awareness so that their very presence with others will be more valuable,

The more you learn, the more you know;
The more you know, the more you can empathise;
The more you can empathise, the richer your presence with others.

Paradigm's Magical Training Ingredient

There is one ingredient that makes our Training so memorable, so distinctive and so effective - the experiences of our Principal, Neil H Campbell. He is the author and designer of all of our courses and workshops, as well as being our lead trainer.

Neil is able to draw from a lifetime's wealth of personal experiences. He was a manager for nearly nineteen years in the Civil Service and in Higher Education. During that time he was also a trade union representative, a member of many staff-management whitley groups, a staff welfare representative, and a member of several organisational stress 'task' groups. He has been a university lecturer at MA level, a tutor and course verifier in Further Education, a national conference speaker & facilitator in Higher Education, and the chair & director of training for Cruse Bereavement Care for Tyneside.

But, even more importantly, he has spent the last sixteen years as a professional staff counsellor, trainer, staff mediator, supervisor and leadership mentor. This translates into hundreds of clients, thousands of one-to-one hours and an extensive collection of delivered workshops & training courses. From these, he has absorbed a cornucopia of anecdotal stories, feedback and personal experiences about the workplace - good practices, bad practices, what works, what does not, inspiring styles, demotivating factors, effective leaders, uncaring leaders, bullying, causes of stress, stress absences, and many more examples.

ALL of this profoundly rich experience has been blended into the contents and design of each of our accredited training ventures. This is NOT training from a text book and this is certainly NOT just 'talking the talk'. This IS the genuine article! Moreover, we will NEVER engage in any training initiative that we do not fully believe in, and we will NEVER deliver any training in which we do not have substantial experience AND knowledge.

Training Course Examples & Samples

  • We offer a most comprehensive and varied range of accredited Certificate and Diploma courses. The Certificate courses range from two days to seven days in length - with the method of delivery normally one day per week for the duration of each course.
  • The Diploma courses, a recent development, tend to run for twelve or fourteen months. However, attendance on these courses is restricted to monthly workshops - with the rest of the course carried out in a distance Learning format.
  • The Certificate courses include the following:- Core Leadership Skills, Staff Mediation Skills, Counselling Supervision, Advocacy Skills, Stress Awareness & Stress Management, Staff Mentoring Skills, Organisational Change Management, Support Group Facilitation Skills, Stress Risk Assessment Work, Harassment & Bullying Advisory Work, and Communication Skills.
  • The accreditation of our Certificate courses ranges from Level 2 to Level 5, while our two new Diploma courses have been accredited to Level 6 - the highest accreditation Level we have set to date.
  • Further information on the Core Leadership Skills Certificate (Level 4) and Diploma (Level 6) can be found on The Campbell Foundation Page. The Foundation is another PCA Division and is also a Centre of Excellence for Core Leadership Skills training and studies.

Bereavement and Grief Courses

We have an extensive and unique range of Bereavement & Grief Certificate courses, delivered through another PCA Division - The Paradigm Bereavement Academy (the North East's Centre of Excellence for Grief studies, training & research). Further information about these courses can be found on The Bereavement Academy Page.

One-Day Workshops and The Certificate in Professional Development Excellence

  • This is a new training venture and one that we are understandably excited with. We have assembled an impressive collection of twenty-five one-day workshops on a wide range of personal development, staff development and management development issues and topics. From April 2009, we will be running a series of workshop programmes right through until January 2011.
  • What makes this venture so distinct and so exciting is that formal accreditation for workshops will now be available. Any individual who can attend five of our workshops during an eighteen month period will be eligible for our new, accredited Level 3 Certificate in Professional Development Excellence. If participants can attend seven workshops in the eighteen months, they would be eligible for the Level 4 Advanced Certificate in Professional Development Excellence.
  • As far as we know, this is the very first time ever that one-day workshops can be formally accredited (as opposed to the customary in-house certificates of attendance).
  • There is certainly sufficient variation in the programme for anyone to put together a small portfolio of workshops that would meet his or her personal developmental needs.
  • Full details of the programme and the contents of the workshops can be found on The Training Menu.